Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

We had a nice Father's Day. Ed got to talk to Brittany and Crystal, and he got a few presents, as well!

We were lucky to have TWO father's at our house to celebrate with, as Barbara and Kent are still here. They went to church with us this morning, even staying afterwards for a baptism!

After lunch we went down to feed the horses. Mr. Genes was a naughty horse and came in first and ate all of Coco's feed. We had to wait till he was done and then move him into his own stall before we brought the other horses in! Just when you think horses are predictable, something else happens!

We took a leisurely walk down Tally Ho court and then relaxed over brownies and ice cream. This is living! Barbara is curently reading a book on happiness. It says there are two kinds of happiness: the jumping up and down kind and the sitting on a bench eating a bowl of ice cream happiness. The latter is nothing to turn your nose up at--it felt pretty good!

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