Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ed has a Grand Nephew

Who knew we were old enough to have grandnephews? And Ed's oldest grandnephew just graduated from high school. We went up to Lititz, Pennsylvania to celebrate with his family. Here is Stephen with his Mom just before they cut into the cake.

I always enjoy seeing Ed with his brother, Tom. They look so much alike. Tom is a really interesting person and when they get talking they never run out of things to talk about. And they both say it in a very loud voice!

Melissa (left) came out from Arizona with her parents to help them get around. Her sister Laura and mom Tina are in the back with me. Melissa is the designated driver, and Tina professes to be an expert with the Garmin. We're hoping they show up magically at our house next Saturday.

Laura and Mike have two very nice sons, Eric and Steven. It's hard to believe that in about three years Ed's niece will be an empty nester! It seems like she's catching up with us!

Since I know our dog Coda can't read, I'm going to write that the Frey's dog, Cody is REALLY smart, and knows how to play soccer! He was almost as good as Ed!

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