Thursday, June 28, 2012

One Last Craft

Melissa and I had time for one last craft this morning. It was a new twist on the necklace pendant. It was even easier than yesterday's necklace.

You just need some scrabble tiles, some glue and some silicon tops. A stack of National Geographic magazines doesn't hurt, either! You just put the silicon top on a picture. The tops already have adhesive on the back of them. Then you glue them to a scrabble tile. Voilá! You're done!

Melissa found a few pictures to represent Africa, as well as China and Paris. They reminded her of her world-wide travels.

Tom and Tina stopped by for lunch before leaving for Philadelphia this afternoon. Coda wanted to go with them, but I made her stay with us. Tom said he liked out new house a lot, but he REALLY liked our dog! I thought they were only cat lovers, but it turns out they're just animal lovers in general!

We had a great visit, and appreciated them making such a great effort to stop by and see us. Next time it will be our turn to go to Tucson and see them!