Thursday, June 14, 2012

Joannie and Anna visit the horses

Mary brought Joannie and Anna, as well as Anna's mom over yesterday to meet the horses and see Miss Carol's farm. It was a beautiful day, and Anna (who is an experienced horsewoman) brought Bali outside for a photo op!

Mary gave Bali an apple, which she really appreciated!

Mr. Genes did his trick where he tilts his head way back to enjoy the mint going down! He never does it for me--only if Lenny is there!

Afterwards Mary, Kathy and I rested and visited on the swing at my house. Mary and Kathy are both teachers and are enjoying the start of their summer vacation!

Anna and Joannie got the soft swings.

But, Joannie had to share with Coda!

Miss Carol came home from the eye doctor later. We were sad to have missed her, but glad she had given me permission to show them her historic house despite her absence. The pugs were ecstatic to get to ride up to the mailbox in the golf cart!

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