Friday, June 22, 2012

Going to the Dentist Can Be Fun!

Dr. Friedman is our new dentist, and he is very entertaining. He tells us stories and entertains us every time we go in! He loves history, and has told us a lot about Baltimore. Some of it was even true! This is an artsy picture of him, but it captures his essence, I think!

I had some old caps changed so they are porcelain instead of metal. They look much better. Then, he contoured my front teeth so they were a little rounded on the corners.All those years of chewing had made them straight all the way across! It was a little extra thing he decided to do while he had me in the chair. As much fun as we've had, I'll be happy happy not to go back for 6 months. The sound of the drill still sends chills up my spine!


  1. That is a surprisingly great picture!

  2. He even consented to have his picture taken with you!