Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ed!

Yesterday was Ed's birthday, and we celebrated by having his favorite meal: spaghetti! I like making it, because the recipe is so easy (thank you very much Hunt's spaghetti sauce)! Not to tell you how old he was, but the first number is the same as the last number. I put a row representing each digit on his lemon meringue pie cake.

His present from me was a kayak for two people. Since it's for two it may seem like an odd sort of birthday present, but I figure half the gift was getting it home from BJs! I had to strap it on myself and hope it didn't fall off the roof of my car! Then, I stored it for a week at Miss Carol's barn, and Lenny helped me bring it over to our house in the middle of a rainstorm yesterday!

Brittany and Crystal did a group video call last night on Goggle Hangout. They even got to watch Ed (in the crown, mustache and glasses) blow out a simulated birthday candle!

Now, if we can just figure out how to get the kayak out of the family room, maybe we'll take it for a spin in Liberty Reservoir!

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