Monday, June 25, 2012

Ft. McHenry and the Inner Harbor

We took the Bushes to Ft. McHenry today, where we revisited the War of 1812. It's becoming one of our favorite wars! USA Today says America 'shrugs' when it thinks about it, but not the Bushes. We are always learning new things about it and are fascinated with the impact such a small war had on the history of the nation!

We stopped at a nice picnic table on the grounds of Ft. McHenry for lunch.

Then we drove over to the Inner Harbor for a quick look around. I took this family portrait of Tom, Tina and Melissa in front of the Chesapeake--the boat and the bay!

We always see something new at the Inner Harbor. This was a cool sailing vessel that we had never seen before. The dragon boats make a nice juxtaposition with the old-fashioned ship!

After dinner we walked (and rolled) down Oakland Road. It's hard to keep up with Tom in that wheel chair, but Ed and Coda were better at it than the ladies.

Tina and Melissa came down to the reservoir with me. The water level was so high! We've had plenty of rain this summer, which has been great! Fortunately, none of it fell on us today!


  1. I just got a bio on Geo Washington and another on Martha. Ordering books for my relatively new e-reader is just too easy.

    Do you have any book recommendation concerning the war of 1812? Like any great drama the war certainly inspired some great tunes like the "Star Spangled Banner" who can forget Johnny Horton singing the "Battle of New Orleans."

    Wikipedia as a great article on the War of 1812.

  2. Verlene, the best books on the war of 1812 are by a Canadian writer by the name of Pierre Berton. I LOVE his books: The Invasions of Canada 1812-1814 and Flames Across the Border 1813-1814. Unfortunately, they are not available on the Kindle and are, apparently out of print, so you have to order them used from Amazon.

    I like the guy with the plates balanced on his arm.