Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dinner at the Farm

Miss Carol invited Ed and me to have dinner with her family at her house tonight. Ed, sadly was in Colorado, so I had to eat for both of us!

Linda, who lives across the street had gone out of her way to pick up crab cakes and make some side dishes and dessert (pineapple upside down cake). Miss Carol doesn't cook, but she was happy to be able to serve her family with Linda's help. Linda even brought lanterns and crabs for table decor! It was so festive.

I got a great family shot of the Hackneys. Alice is on the left, followed by her brother, Jerry and his wife, Eden. They are visiting from Tucson. Next, is Carol's brother, Hap, Miss Carol, and Hap's wife, Mary (Dumpsey)! Piper is also trying to get into the picture!

Not only was the dinner great and the conversation stimulating (because they happened to agree with me on everything), but we had a fun time playing music and singing afterwards. Eden plays the autoharp and knows a ton of old gospel music. I let her borrow my autoharp and we had such fun jamming together! I can't wait till they come back to visit again!

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