Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Violet Drops By

We had a nice visit with Violet, Ed's former (not old) administrative assistant last night. She worked for him for 7 years in Boulder and helped make his transition to his new job so much smoother. We really appreciated all she did for him. She is also a very interesting person and is always involved in something new. Now it is gardening and carriage horses! We showed her around our neighborhood and tried to make it look like Maryland was a great place to live. I think she wasn't buying into it. After all, she lives in Colorado!

Coda liked Violet, too, and got lots of good scratches from her!

We had a tasty raspberry salad with chicken on top for dinner. I'd post the recipe, but I really didn't follow it much except for the raspberry part! It's hard to ruin anything that has raspberries in it!

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