Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Brady Hootenany

The Brady family met in Burgess Park in Alpine yesterday for an evening of old time music. This is the ones who made it in time for the group photo. In the end we had over 40 people!

We had an incredible array of food for the pot luck dinner! Some of the family members are better cooks than musicians, thank heavens!

This was the food before the sprinklers came on and caused us to move the tables to the center of the pavilion!

Brittany invited Zam, her Ugandan friend to join us. We're hoping to give her a glimpse into different aspects of American life!

Joan's family is the one that cooked up the idea, choosing Pioneer day as a great day to get together.

The also started the program with an eclectic set of numbers with different instrumentation.  They performed:

Sweet Hour of Prayer in Nakoda
Mary Don’t You Weep
Sew ‘em on the Mountain
O Saviour Thou Who Wearest a Crown
Sing Sing Sing


The Stevens family performed:

You Are My Sunshine and
Hallelujah (Ricky Skaggs song)

The Pinyon Rats (with Crystal Bush) performed

Glory Bound
Amazing Grace
The Fox
You’ve Got to Walk That Lonesome Valley
Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

The sprinklers in the background were disconcerting, but didn't really reach us. The entire evening was an exercise in moving tables out of the sprinklers' reach! It made the evening more memorable!

We had a nice crowd to cheer us on!

My mother drove all the way up from Salem for the occasion! She was amazed to have so many descendants in one place!

We were glad John Nuttall's parents joined us as well. Marti had no problem taking care of both of the babies during the performance!

We finished up with a few group jams. We were happy to have lights in the pavilion, but we had to loose the sound system, as the electricity wouldn't work with both on at the same time! Joan said our hardships were a fitting way to remember our ancestors on Pioneer Day!

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