Friday, July 14, 2017

Schoolhouse Springs

Ed and I walked up the Mountain north of our house on the Schoolhouse Springs trail this morning. Can you see the sweat beading down my face?

The path started with a slight grade and got gradually steeper the further you went.

We got so high up the mountain, that we were at the same level as Suncrest at the top of the hill on the next mountain over!

After a mile and a half we reached the gateway to the Lone Peak Wilderness area. We were happy to turn back at that point!

This was the only water we passed, so we figured it must be Schoolhouse Springs. There was just enough water to splash on our necks to cool us down on the trip back.

The city of Lehi gets their culinary water from this watershed, so it is blocked off to vehicular traffic. We were surprised to not run into any other hikers, as there were several cars parked at the trailhead. Maybe those hikers knew which trails to take that weren't so hot and steep!

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