Saturday, July 8, 2017

Tibble Fork Look Trail

We thought we'd escape the heat today by hiking the Tibble Fork Loop Trail in American Fork canyon. It had some lovely views.

The 4.2 mile trail was rated as "moderate" which meant it was hard! It was very steep for the first half, and then with a steep downhill on the other side. It may have been cooler in the mountains, but we were feeling the burn!

We stopped for lunch at the mid-way point. Clementine is now 5 months and appears ready to grab her mom's PB&J sandwich! It may be time to introduce her to the joys of solid foods!

The trail was mostly in the woods, but we passed through a beautiful meadow. We didn't linger long there, as the mosquitoes had also discovered it!

The communing with nature was somewhat spoiled by the motorbikes. We had no idea they were not only allowed but prevalent on the trail. That meant we ate a lot of dirt and walked in a lot of deep ruts!

We saw tons of beautiful wildflowers. One of my favorites was this checkered mallow. John's knowledge of plant families was very helpful in identifying this flower when I got home! Thanks, John!

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