Sunday, July 30, 2017

Animals at Gardner Village

We went to see some animals Saturday with Mabel (and the rest of us)! We started in Alpine with the parakeets along the trail near Healey Park. She loved them (as did we)!

Then we moved on to Gardner Village in West Jordan where she enjoyed riding a real pony!

Clementine, who can sit up quite well by herself now, was just a little too wobbly to put on a pony by herself. We just settled with a photo op for her!

It was fun watching Mabel feed the animals in the petting zoo. She wasn't a bit afraid of them!

She would have happily climbed in the pens with them if that had been allowed!

She reminds us of Amanda in this picture. I wonder if Amanda knows why!

One of the sheep was half goat and half sheep. A geep. They are pretty rare, so it was fun seeing it!

We enjoyed lunch at Archibald's and walking around perusing the shops afterwards! It was a nice way to spend Crystal's final day with us! She went home to Colorado today! We miss her!

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