Monday, July 17, 2017


Ed and I went out for our walk this morning and had an opportunity to survey some of the damage from the fire this weekend.

We were happy to see that much of Lambert park is undamaged. You can see the fire smoldering in the canyon here.

However, there is a big portion of Corkscrew, Brown Dog and Zag paths that have burned!

The fire was named the Water Tower fire, as it started just above the water tower in Lambert Park.

It started at an area just outside the boundaries of Lambert Park on National Forest land. Somebody dragged a couple of TVs up there for target practice. The fence survived the fire, but the hillside behind it did not!

The ground crew is out in force again today. They came from all over Utah, as well as Idaho. They had 80 of them working hard to create fire lines yesterday.

Today the firemen are sifting through the debris to make sure no hot spots are left to flare up again.

One helicopter is back today. We watched him dip his bucket into the pond before taking it up to the canyon and releasing it.

With the dawning of a new day we have a much brighter outlook. We've lost so much, but are grateful that so much work was done to save our homes and mountains. Thanks to the firemen on the ground and in the air for all the hard work they are doing to put out this fire!

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