Monday, July 24, 2017

Scones with the Nuttalls

We had the Nuttalls over for scones yesterday after church. We fried bread and stuffed them with either tuna fish, or hamburger (similar to a Navajo taco), or peanut butter and jelly, or honey and butter. It was a meal my kids used to enjoy, but we hadn't made it for ages!

The Nuttalls had two children in town and 6 grandchildren with them, so it made a nice group.

It was fun to see our swing set get its first workout with older children. At one time there were 5 kids on it!

We spent a lot of time outside, but also enjoyed time in the basement with Foosball and the puppet theater.

Mabel enjoyed playing with her cousins, who were very sweet to her. Levi put her in a box, which she loved!

It was fun spending time with John's brother James and family, as well as his sister, Amy and her girls.

Marti and Ellis insisted on helping clean up. I think we have enough leftovers for another big meal! I hope we don't get scone stomach next time (when you eat so much bread your stomach pooches out)!

Crystal and I asked if we could keep Mabel for the night, but she went home with Mom and Dad. Oh, well, we get to see her again this morning!

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