Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Fire Aftermath from Votes to Ban Motorized Vehicles in Lambert Park

Ed and I walked Rocky Ridge this morning, the path in the National Forest just above Lambert Park. The firefighters are gone as is the smoke, but the black scars remain.

It is strange how the tree trunks burned, but the leaves are only singed and still green.

Coming down from the shooting range, we could see the backs of shot out televisions.

The further south you walk, the less damage to the forest. It was nice to see it green down here.

Looking back towards Lone Peak, you can see the burn on the right side. In some places the trail acted as a fire barrier, and the burn stopped there. Other times it jumped the trail.

From down below you can see the black mountain behind the green park.

This part of the park wasn't burned. These trees are the remainder of the 2012 fire. You can see the regeneration of the scrub oak over 5 years. It will take quite a while to get to its original height!

I took a couple of videos so you can see the damage.

Pay no attention to the creepy heavy breathing in the background of the second video. It is just me out of breath!

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