Sunday, July 16, 2017

Fire on the Mountain

This was the view we had as we drove home tonight from the light rail station! You can't see clearly, but the fire is roaring up the canyon on the right and also burning in a half circle to the canyon closer to us, which is also on fire!

Some of the burned area is where Ed and I walk above Lambert Park. The fire was started by recreational shooting on forest service land. They can't fight it till morning when the planes can drop retardant.

This is the view from our street. The raging fire is one canyon over, but you can see the canyon very close to us is also on fire.

The winds are relatively calm, and the Fire Department is out monitoring the fire. We're going to pack our bags in case we're evacuated in the middle of the night.

I went through my 72 hour kit. So much of it is irrelevant since I packed it. Who needs a portable transistor TV? Cell phones are a blessing. Having all our finances online is also a blessing. Maybe we should pack our password cheat sheets!

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