Thursday, July 13, 2017

Penguin Brothers Ice Cream Sandwiches

In our continuing search for the best ice cream sandwiches around, we stopped at the Penguin Brothers in Provo yesterday afternoon with Brittany, Mabel and Clementine.

They do make a very fine ice cream sandwich. I liked it because the ice cream was hard enough to hold together when you bit into the cookie. The cookies were also soft and delicious.

Clementine didn't get any ice cream, but seemed to enjoy herself immensely!

Mabel liked trying out the cute armchairs with Grandpa. I asked her to smile, and this is the look I got from her. It's entertaining, but not quite what I had in mind!

We capped off our big day on the town with a trip to Smith's for some groceries. Mabel and Clementine seemed to enjoy that as much as the ice cream shop!

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