Monday, July 10, 2017

Walking with Coda in Lambert Park

Ed and I took a rest on our walk at the top of Spring this morning. It was hot enough that we wanted to jump into the spring water!

Our fleur du jour was Wand Mullein. I was surprised it was a mullein, as it looks so different!

We went out to a late breakfast at the Black Bear Diner, as we had no milk or eggs in the house. It was delicious and big enough that we had enough leftovers for dinner, too!

In the early evening we took a secondary walk to try out our new Findster dog tracker (the yellow tag on Coda's collar). We had ordered it several months ago, but as it is a new product we had to wait till it was in production!

It works with a second tracker in Ed's pocket. They link to each other and you read them in your cell phone App. Unlike other trackers on the market there is no monthly fee for this one.  I'm pleased to say, it worked great! Ed is the blue dot, and the dog picture is Coda sticking right with us.

It doesn't make her stay by us, but if she chases a deer we'll know where she is! Needless to say, as there were no deer out tonight, it hasn't truly been tested. In the absences of deer, squirrels and bunnies, Coda is the perfect dog!

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