Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Ponderosa Campground

We took out the tent trailer out again last night. This time to the Ponderosa Campground just 10 miles west of Nephi, right off the Mt. Nebo Scenic Loop.

We had a beautiful, private, shady spot! We loved it!

It was right next to Salt Creek, and we enjoyed falling asleep to the murmur of the water!

We took a short (1/4 mile one way) hike to an onyx mine across from the campground.

The nice campground hosts even lent us a pick to try our hand at mining.

I found a really nice stone with lots of "bacon" striation in it. It was about 30 pounds, but being as it was downhill on the way back, I decided to bring it home with me!

It was fun to show Crystal our very spacious tent trailer.

In the afternoon we drove the Mt. Nebo scenic loop, which was fun despite the fact that some of the peaks went in and out of the clouds. It was nice to be up in the mountains out of the heat!

We played Mormon Bridge in the evening. What would you bid on my hand of four cards if you had my deal? Green was trump.

I bid two. Crystal and Ed bid one. Everyone was a winner!

In the morning we took a 3 mile (round trip) hike up the Salt Creek Trail.

We turned around when we got to a very pretty little waterfall.

We saw a LOT of cows. They were even up at the top of the scenic loop!

We also saw a few deer, but they didn't hold still for photographs.

We managed to cross the river without falling in the water.

But we did not escape stepping in some fresh cow pies! Ugh!

We were happy to have Crystal with us for our family's traditional top of the tent trailer picture! We wish Brittany and Amanda could have been here for it, too! Coda stood in for them!

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