Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Fourth of July

We had a fun Fourth of July yesterday. We started with the Provo Independence Day parade.

We were lucky to find a place to sit right behind Brittany and John's friends, Eric and Emily.

Mabel was impressed with the big Cookie Monster balloon.

There were also a number of beautiful floats sponsored by smaller towns in Utah Valley.

We liked the bagpipe bands. Mabel liked my sun glasses.

We also liked the marching bands, especially if they played while they passed us!

There were some really beautiful horses and carriages.

Afterwards we met the Nuttalls for lunch at Malawi pizza! It was nice to get out of the hot sun!

In the afternoon we went to the Provo Carnival. There were lots of vendors and we bought some new sun glasses.

We tried to cool off with some shave ice. It was 100 degrees out, so we were only comfortable while we were actually eating the shave ice!

After I ran out of shave ice, Mabel went over to Grandma Nuttall to get more!

We took our instruments over to Brittany's house. Looks like Monkey wanted to let us know who is the king of the house here!

After a quick ukulele lesson, Marti was off and running on a new instrument!

We sang songs in the back yard (to the enjoyment of the neighbors) where Mabel could also swim in her pool. She enjoyed walking around au natural, as well!

We put Clementine to bed and did some fireworks for Mabel. John did the Flaming Fountain Dance for us after he lit this one!

With a little coaxing, Mabel did several sparklers. She was a little nervous about them!

She preferred sitting tight on someone's lap and watching from a distance. We liked the cuddly Mabel the fireworks brought out!

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