Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse Babies

We watched the eclipse today from the splash pad in Highland Utah. Barbara and I both had grandchildren to enjoy it with, as our children are together somewhere in Wyoming or Idaho enjoying the total eclipse. Calvin and Mabel were oblivious to the sun and the moon, but loved the water!

Clementine didn't get wet, but enjoyed being outside on a blanket!

Kent took the day off and every day is a holiday for Ed! We wondered how people wrangle kids with just one parent home! It is a two man job!

We enjoyed sitting under our canopy and checking out the eclipse every few minutes. We actually felt a slight darkening at the height of it!

It was great having the special eclipse glasses so you could see what was happening. We were in a 90 percent area, but if you didn't know an eclipse was happening you wouldn't have noticed.

This is a view from my camera through the glasses. It was amazing to be able to see the whole event so clearly!

In 28 years when we'll have another total eclipse (right here in Alpine, UT), we'll look back fondly at the wonderful time we had celebrating with our grandbabies in 2017!

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