Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hugo's Big Boy Room

Hooray! Hugo got to move to a big boy room today. He was so happy! He has been doing so well that they moved him to the brand new Children's Hospital wing. It has only been open a couple of months!

His previous room had one desk chair and one soft chair, and a curtain you could pull for "privacy."

The chair could theoretically be made into a bed, but there was no room for it to pull out!

When they rolled his incubator into the new room, Amanda just sat there in stunned silence for a while. I guess she thought they weren't worthy of this largesse!

I thought if I'd known I could have this much room I could stay another week! This is the Ritz of hospital rooms!

It even has a private bathroom with a shower in it!

The window overlooks the University of Iowa football stadium where Nolan will be with the marching band on game days!

Hugo snuggled up sweetly in his new room. I thought I'd show you his nice head of black hair!

We got home a little later than usual, but were excited to find a little octopus for preemies that Crystal had crocheted especially for Hugo. It even came with a little hat. We'll take it back to the hospital tomorrow and see if the hat fits!

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