Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Rocky Ridge Part 2

Ed and I drove to Preston Drive today to start our daily walk. It is the continuation of what we call Rocky Ridge, a path in the national forest service land that hugs the mountain on the east side of Alpine.

There is a pretty little stream at the start of the path, lined by goldenrod and chicory!

The path is pretty high on the side of the mountain and has great views of Utah Lake (behind us).

It also has some nice views of Alpine nestled in the valley below.

We walked all the way to the beautiful American Fork river as it exits American Fork Canyon.

There was a lovely, abandoned picnic area next to the river. All the tables were missing their tops. I imagine there is some history there we don't know about!

Along the way we passed the remains of the fire in Alpine in June! So much destruction!

We also passed a beautiful farmer's field full of alfalfa!

You can see how helpful irrigation is! Where the field is watered it is green, and there is a sharp line of yellow grasses on the other side!

It was about 4.5 miles round trip. We really enjoyed expanding our horizons and getting to know a little bit more about Alpine!

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