Monday, August 21, 2017

Sunday with Children

The nice part about 1 p.m. church is we had all morning to get ready. It was fun watching the beginnings of interaction between Mabel and Clementine.

Sometimes Mabel is not as gentle as she should be with her sister. Taking a bath together can be a dangerous prospect for the younger sister!

Ed enjoyed an armful of clean babies cuddled up in his arms!

Mabel LOVES books. This one was about a family adopting an elephant! Who can afford that? I don't want to give our grandchildren false expectations!

Clementine is quite a good baby except for her sleep schedule. I did the midnight feeding and Ed got up at 5 a.m. I'm glad Ed is retired and fully engaged in babysitting! This is a two-man job!

Mabel was very good during church and loved going to nursery after Sacrament meeting. The nursery leaders enjoyed her constant chatter!

Clementine took a nap during Sunday school. Ed has the magic touch! I was holding her and she lunged for his lap. I think she likes Grandpa!

We let Mabel play with our butterfly puzzle box. It's full of coins from different countries. It reminds me of the bronze burrito my grandma had that was full of pennies. We had hours of enjoyment shaking them out of the burrito!

By the end of the day we were exhausted and enjoyed a little down time watching Zootopia together! It was a good cuddle time for Grandpa and Grandma!

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