Saturday, August 19, 2017

Coming Home

I flew home from Iowa yesterda. I almost took Flurry with me! He's a soft kitty who likes to explore everything, including travel bags!

We spent several hours with Hugo. I enjoyed geting to hold him again. He is a very peaceful baby!

We explored the hospital a little more, and found the library, which has lots of books to check out! In addition, they let you choose one free book each week to take home with you! We picked a Shine-a-Light book with animals that appear when you shine a light behind the page!

We also stopped by to watch the marching band rehearsal. I was impressed by the discipline of 250 young adults listening to instructions and making formations happen. It still seems like magic to me!

I had to laugh when my layover in Denver resulted in a long walk to a plane parked on the tarmac, practically in a wheat field. I shared it with 30 Japanese tourists who must think Denver is a hick town now! Apparently, Salt Lake is a staging airport for people on the way to see the eclipse this weekend!

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