Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Eclipse Birthday

Mabel turned two years old yesterday. She will be having a birthday party on Saturday, but we wanted to commemorate the occasion with a little eclipse birthday party!

I made a little eclipse cake for her. The black blob is supposed to be the moon crossing into the sun!

Mabel didn't know what to do with the candles! This is a girl that sings songs and recites nursery rhymes all day! But she hasn't had enough birthdays to get good at blowing out candles yet!

She had no problem, however figuring out how to eat the cake! When she finished her piece she reached over with her fork and stuck it in the larger cake!

Clementine said, "I'm big enough for cake!" She got mushed up squash for the party.

To follow the eclipse theme we got Mabel a giant orange ball to represent the sun!

We had just enough time to go outside for a little more fun in the sun before bedtime! It was a memorable birthday for us! Mabel will have to relive it through photos when she is older!

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