Monday, August 14, 2017

More Baby Hugo

Hugo was just as cute today as yesterday! It is so amazing watching him suck on that giant pacifier! A very clever boy!

Nolan is working at the University of Iowa band camp this week, but came over during his lunch hour to read to the baby.

In the afternoon Hugo had a brain scan. It was really an ultra sound where they look in through the soft spot on his head. It is standard for babies as they hit their 7 day mark. We didn't get the results back. They're just trying to make sure there is no bleeding in the brain.

Hugo didn't like the brain scan much, but calmed down very quickly when Amanda reached in to comfort him.

 Amanda and I had fun singing songs to Hugo out of the songbook I put together for him. The hospital likes the babies to have only calming music in the NICU, so I didn't include any rap music in the book! Happily, there happen to be a lot of Celtic songs that are very soothing!

We had time to go to several stores in the afternoon. I was amazed at the store Menards, that has hardware, groceries and more! It was gigantic!

We stopped by to see Nolan after a long day at band camp. It rained today, but that doesn't phase the band, because they have an indoor as well as outdoor practice field! The University of Iowa treats the band right!

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