Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Last week of Summer in Heber City

 We joined the Nortons at the Moutnain Valley RV Resort outside Heber City yesterday. It's only an hour from Alpine, but it's a different world! They have two swimming pools, and the new one is adults only, so it was very peaceful!

It would have been even more peaceful if we could have left our dog in the trailer. She has a tendency to bark when we leave her, so we tied her up outside the pool, where she was perfectly good!

The Nortons' dog Okie is very well behaved, and never barks at all!

This is our first experience camping in a resort. There aren't as many trees as the National Forest, but it has lots of amenities (and showers) to make up for it!

I made dinner last night and got to use our new stove and oven. It takes a while learning how everything in the tent trailer works!

We're only a mile from Walmart, which was handy because we ran over last night to buy an anti-bark collar for Coda.

It did the trick, and now we have three well-behaved dogs at our campsite. (Although one of them is a little upset with mom and dad.)

This morning we taught Chuck and Renee how to play pickleball. They have great potential and Renee and I made a great team! (I won't boast about who won our doubles game.)

In the afternoon we went snorkeling/soaking at Homestead Crater in Midway. The crater was created by a mineral spring that feeds it from below, so the water was 97 degrees! There wasn't much to see with the snorkels, but it was just nice floating in the warm water!

There is a hole at the top of the crater, where the sun came through. It must be nice to come here in the winter and take a soak while the snow is falling in!

Afterwards we climbed the stairs to see the view from the top of the crater.
It has some nice views of the Heber Valley, which is a combination of farms and resorts. They seem like strange bedfellows.

If you look closely, you can see Renee down below taking our picture from the base of the crater !

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