Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Provo Falls and Mirror Lake

We started the morning today with a walk on the Heber Overlook trail. It had nice views of both the Heber Valley and the backside of Mount Timpanogas!

 Afterwards, Renee and I ran over to Weight Watchers. We both had successful weigh-ins and enjoyed meeting a bunch of nice ladies in Heber!

In the afternoon we went for a nice drive, stopping off at Provo Falls. They were beautiful, and it was fun to see something we had never seen before.

The falls had two sections, an upper and a lower. The layered rock formations made them particularly interesting!

Our ultimate goal was Mirror Lake, where we took a walk around the perimeter (about a mile and a half). It is the highest lake in Utah, at 9500 feet!

There were some very pretty wildflowers, most of which I did not recognize. My favorite was this very pretty fireweed!

We had dinner at the Heber City Cafe/Galilee Grill. It was a strange combination of western burgers and middle eastern cuisine. But, happily, they were both fresh and well prepared!

We played a little pickleball, but had to give up when the wind got too strong. We were just able to batten our hatches before it got really windy and started to rain!  We holed up in our tent trailer and watched Netflix while I blogged! Can you really call it camping when you have both Wi-Fi and Internet connections?

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