Monday, August 21, 2017

Weekend with the Girls

Mabel and Clementine came over Saturday to spend the weekend with us. It's nice that they are so comfortable at our house. Mabel knows where the toys and books are and gets right to playing!

Clementine has learned how to drink out of a specific bottle, but let's you know when she's not hungry!

She loves eating baby food, but also loves spitting it back at you after each bite! Ed had to wash himself up after lunch!

Mabel likes to sit at the bar and watch me while I cook. She also likes a few snacks while she waits!

In the afternoon we went over to the Elder Aviary to feed chips to the birds. We all loved that! The birds are very enthusiastic about corn chips!

Even Clementine was fascinated by the commotion!

It was a beautiful day to go for a little walk with the girls. It is fun listening to Mabel give the play by play as we walk. "We're going on a bridge."

"We're walking up a hill!"

Mabel loves shopping and holding things for us! She was very protective of the bananas, until she let the dark side take over and started chewing on them!

We hope Brittany and John enjoy the eclipse on Monday! We're enjoying our moment in the sun with their girls!

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