Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Last Day with Mabel and Clementine

We had one last day with the grand-kids before their mom and dad dropped by to pick them up. We had fun singing "Old MacDonald" with every puppet. Who knew he had penguins on his farm?

Clementine is 6 1/2 months old and is getting so interactive! She loves to be part of the action!

She enjoyed having us put bowls on her head as much as we did!

Now that Mabel is two she is fearless on the slide! It was fun watching her go down it over and over!

We moved a bench up under a tree so it was more comfortable for us to watch Mabel on the swing set.

Afterwards she relaxed on our patio swing with grandpa!

Mabel loved going through grandma's closet and trying on all the shoes-even high heels!

We waited on the front porch till mom and dad showed up about noon.

They had a joyful reunion! It turned out Mabel missed her parents more than she realized. We celebrated by going out to lunch at the Pizza Pie Cafe!

Brittany and John had a great time in the Tetons backpacking with Eli and Lacy and watching the eclipse from the top of the mountains. We were glad we could help them make that happen.

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