Thursday, August 17, 2017

Grandma Holds Hugo

I got to hold little Hugo today! He is so sweet, and just cuddles up in your arms! He's back up to his birth weight now, so at a 3.5 pounds  he is very light, but surprisingly like every other baby! I loved his long, beautiful piano fingers!

Amanda and I explored the new hospital and found a beautiful area on the 12th floor with a great view of Kinnick stadium, where she could watch the Iowa marching band halftime show in a few weeks. I imagine Hugo would have to stay in his room, however!

Nolan had a band break this afternoon and was able to meet us for dinner at Iowa City's favorite restaurant, Monicas. I had the lasagna and loved it!

As if weren't already stuffed,, we stopped at Hurt's Donuts across from Amanda's office. They had fun names of their creative donuts!

When we got home Amanda finished putting up pictures of Hugo on the whiteboard we bought today. It is nice to have pictures of him at home, since we had to leave the real Hugo in the hospital!

While Amanda was busy I practiced the guitarron! Here is a video of me playing (and singing) De Colores. I'm ready to join a Mariachi band!

I'm going to miss baby Hugo when I go back to Utah tomorrow. Maybe when I come back he'll be home and I can serenade him on my new guitarron!

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