Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Climbing to the Boulders on East Mountain

There is a set of about 8 large rocks midway up the mountains east of our house. They look like ogre's molars in the middle of the hillside. Or Alpine's own little Stonehenge!

Rumor has it the young people in Alpine used to climb up to them on Easter morning.

This morning I was taking pictures of the new scrub oaks growing after the fire in July. Ed pointed up and said, "Look there are the boulders!" That sounded like an invitation to climb up to them!

We thought we might as well do it now while we're young(ish)! It won't be any easier next year! We took it easy going up, but it quickly became very steep!

It was rocky and there was no path, so we had to tread carefully going up!

The biggest rock looked like it was 20 feet high! It was about a mile and a half from our house, but felt like another world!

We felt a real sense of accomplishment when we reached the boulders. We'd been looking at them for months, thinking, " of these days..."

The view of the valley below and Utah Lake in the background was spectacular!

We tried to find a safer way to go down, but alas, ended up going down as slow as possible, not to end up tripping and rolling down the hill! It was frightening! Happily we made it safely down!

We were surprised to find 7 or 8 patches of our old nemesis, myrtle spurge, growing on the hillside northwest of the boulders! The Forest Service it trying to eradicate it, as it is an invasive species! Myrtle spurge is much more adaptive than Ed and Judy Bush!

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