Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Final Resting Place

We took a trip to Fairview today with my mom, Barbara and Annette to look at cemetery plots. The graveyard is filling up rapidly near Dad's grave, but we found a very nice site about 30 yards away from my Dad (and future site of my mom). It's right next to the fence, so should be easy to find. Barbara and Kent got 2 plots right next to us so it will be easy to visit us at the same time!

The price was right, $450 each for two spots! I'll have to bring Ed over later to show him his beautiful plot of land in the mountains of Fairview!

Afterwards we went to the Sanpete County Courthouse where mom recorded a change in her mineral rights to land in Fairview. It now goes to her trust, which will make it easier for her descendants to get rich when the oil starts flowing! Keep your fingers crossed!

It was fun being in the Courthouse, which was built in 1936, when my great grandfather was a county commissioner!

We ate lunch right across the street at Dirk's Farmhouse restaurant. It was a great meal, and we might stop in there again next time we're in Manti!

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