Monday, December 5, 2016

A New Day a New Hospital

I had my blood drawn at Mountain Point in Lehi this afternoon. This is my fourth hospital in 4 weeks! We just found out our insurance doesn't work at American Fork Hospital unless it is an emergency. The other three trips to
American Fork were all emergencies!

On the way home Ed bought me some ice cream to help combat my dry mouth! I washed it down with a Milk of Magnesia chaser!

My PICC has been much better today, which was great, but I'm also more tired today and have gotten very little accomplished!

We missed Richard Thomsen, who dropped by with a cute little Christmas tree! Our Ring doorbell takes videos of people who ring the doorbell, and I was conveniently able to talk to him remotely via my cell phone! 

And look at the pretty view from our front porch!

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