Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Day

We celebrated Christmas Day in the evening this year. We started out with 10:30 church, where the girls got to sing a number. Brittany and John also went to 1 p.m. church in their ward, so it was a busy day!

While we waited to have dinner together, Crystal and Nolan assembled a car Brittany had left for Mabel.

Amanda perfected the art of making spritz cookies with her new machine!

Ed shoveled us out of 5 inches of snow that fell overnight. It was beautiful, if not inconvenient!

My sister Joan stopped by with three of her children and serenaded us with Brady pipe bells. They're on their way to Standing Rock to stand in solidarity with the Sioux tribe. it was fun to hear what they are up to.

Mabel loved her new car! She found it before she was supposed to and did not want to leave it!

She did NOT like the rocking horse grandma and grandpa gave here, especially after Amanda showed her that pressing it's ear would make it neigh loudly. She was terrified of it!

Fortunately, she developed a sort of truce with the horse later, and even learned to ride it!

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