Saturday, December 3, 2016

Home Again

Coda was happy to see me come home from the hospital! I wasn't much fun this afternoon, as I took a nap while I was trying to knit. She got all tangled up in the yarn!

Ed was also happy to have me home, but has a cold and a cough and is trying to keep his distance. We're back in business printing CDs to mail out before I go back to the hospital!

Ed bought me a pill sorter from Walmart. I need it! He also had to open each bottle for me, as I couldn't open a single one with my broken left wrist! He doesn't trust me (with good reason) and is going to sort them as soon as he gets better! We think I'll either be back in the hospital by Thursday or have a home treatment plan in place. We'll see.... We're waiting for more pathologists' reports!

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