Friday, December 30, 2016

Winding Down

We took it easy yesterday, even watching a movie before noon! Ed and Crystal and I enjoyed trying out a 3D movie in our basement (thanks to John).

I was trying to recuperate from my therapy, which hasn't been going well, so I had a heating pad on my back and two ice packs on my hand. The therapy threw my back out and made my fingers swell up!

It was fun watching the Force Awakens in 3D and having a farewell tribute to Carrie Fisher!

I didn't get a picture of Nancy and Joe Sienecki (a friend of Ed's from college), who visited us in the afternoon! They were in town from California and it was fun seeing them!

In the evening we stopped at the Tower Deli  at Thanksgiving Point for dessert with the Nuttalls before saying goodbye to Crystal, who had a 10 p.m. flight back to Denver. The party is officially over now!

We're looking forward with a degree of trepidation to what 2017 hold for us!

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