Sunday, December 4, 2016

Feeling the Love

The Smiths brought over dinner tonight, which was wonderful, as Ed has been coughing and can't cook for me. I've been tired and in PICC pain most of the day, so hadn't had the energy to fend for myself! The PICC must be rubbing a nerve!

Last night the Cooks in our ward brought by stew! Our ward families in Maryland and Colorado have been fasting and praying for us, while our ward family here has been feeding us physically. The Vallejos brought us a loaf of wheat bread that was a meal in itself! I have been overwhelmed by the love, support and good wishes sent my way! Thank you all!

Barbara, Kent and Abby stopped by to visit. Abby, thought of a really great way of being of service, by cutting and trimming Whistling Prairie Christmas CD inserts!

I also enjoyed my Mom dropping by to visit on her way home from seeing my brother in Salt Lake. She volunteered to move in and take care of me. I think Ed is turning a corner, so that might not be necessary. I woke poor Ed up at midnight last night and made him call the doctor to see what I could take for the pain. He settled me down and I was able to sleep at last!

I wasn't too hungry tonight, but when I opened Darcie's pots and pans, my mouth started to water! Roast beef AND ribs! It was amazing! With soft, sweet cantalope! The hospital fruit cup was nothing to write home about!

I'm going to eat one of the lemon bars, take some pain meds and hope for a good nights rest! In the morning I'll see if I can get them to remove my PICC!

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