Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Eve Day

It was fun to have the whole family together on Christmas Eve morning. Even Mabel was there in her Christmas jammies!

We spent several hours working on our new arrangements for next year's Christmas CD.

It is always fun and challenging trying to figure out what instruments to use for each song. There is going to be plenty of accordion, for sure!

Mabel liked wandering around, but would occasionally stop and play with some blocks. She was pretty cute!

We took a few snack breaks, and had fun making hot chocolate in our new Keurig machine.

The girls went over their song for church again.

While they were practicing I got to read a book to Mabel!

In the evening we all went to Brittany and John's ward Christmas Eve Program at their church. Brittany had put together the program and John sang a beautiful solo on O Holy Night. It rained pretty hard in the afternoon and evening, which was strange for Christmas Eve, but it sure made travel easier!

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