Tuesday, December 6, 2016


My friend, advocate and lymphoma survivor, Janet Williams, volunteered to let me borrow her wigs when I need them. I think she might be more petite than I am, but I couldn't resist trying one on. I always wanted to live my life as a blond!

I had brief moments of accomplishment today, which just made more work for Ed, who ran to the post office and Walmart for me in the afternoon.

While Ed was out, Brother Tyler dropped over with two loaves of bread, which we really appreciate! Isn't it nice that they are decorated?

Marti Nuttall dropped by later and brought us soup and jello in Santa Pants. That made me laugh! We were glad to see her before they leave town tomorrow!

We finished up the evening with a visit from Bishop Shippen and Brother Hansen. We also got some good laughs out of that. Bishop Shippen has asked the Bush girls to sing in Sacrament meeting on Christmas day! They won't believe what song he recommended! (Hint: It is on Whistling in the Manger!)

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