Wednesday, December 28, 2016

It's a Wrap!

Whistling Prairie finished recording yesterday in the nick of time, as Amanda and Nolan flew home at 7:30 this morning! We did 9 songs in time segments carved out of of the 5 days we were all together!

Mabel was very helpful in the mornings. She played the tambourine with us on one song.

On another song she played the kazoo (We don't know how she learned to make the kazoo noise all by herself!). We tried to do the actual recording in the afternoon when she was down for her nap!

I had fun this year, playing pennywhistle, recorder, hammered dulcimer and a lot of rhythm instruments. Nolan and John played a lot of guitar and banjo. John ended up putting a band-aid on his finger to keep it from hurting so much!

In the evening Brittany and John went to a Nuttall cousins party and the rest of us went to Braza Grill, a Brazilian steak house to celebrate! We ate a lot of red meat and came home and fell asleep watching an episode of Brokenwood on Acorn TV! Good times!

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