Friday, December 2, 2016

False Labor

Dr. Konopa, the team Judy oncologist of the day, just came in to tell me the pathologists are still studying my case and won't know till next week what I have. It is definitely a B-cell leukeumia, but MCL, one of the previous options, also falls under that category.

So, tomorrow I get to go home and wait till they call me back up again! I asked why I had to come up if they didn't know what I had yet. Apparently, they thought I would be much sicker based on my white blood count!  She said I looked fantastic. I said you should have seen me before I had suffered for 24 hours with the painfully placed PICC in my upper arm!

And I was just getting to know more members of Team Judy! The dietitian gave me some good food suggestions.

The occupational therapist started working with my hand.

The Nortons stopped by to see us after a fun day at the Festival of trees!

My sister, Annette and her husband Kent dropped by after the Nortons. It was like a party! I'm feeling the love!

Our neighbors, the Knadlers also dropped by to entertain us. I almost hate to go home tomorrow!

Ed and I even had a productive day, stuffing a few CDs, just in case we can send them out!

I was starting to love my little room now that it is all decked out for Christmas. I'll just box it up and bring it back next week!

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  1. Glad that you get to go home for a couple of days