Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Alex And Roberto Sing Again

It's good having the crew from One Source Contracting (for all your construction and musical needs) back again. My band (the Black Eyed Susans) wanted to hear Alex and Roberto sing today, and we were lucky they were able to play a few songs for us.

This is a song Roberto (on the right) wrote. He originally wrote it in Spanish, but translated it into English. This is the English version of the song, titled, "I Give You My All." The crowd loved it!

In this video Alex sings "La Carcel." The crowd goes wild afterwards!

This is a reprise of the first song, but in Spanish. It is titled, "Todo Te lo Di." It's so much fun to watch Alex and Roberto perform. When we're finished with the basement we're going to have a big concert and invite them to perform with their band. Maybe by then they'll have chosen a name for their band!

Lynsey and Megan were such fans that they wanted their pictures taken with Alex and Roberto: their first groupies!

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  1. Loved hearing the boys again!!!