Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Coda Jumps

We've been working on getting Coda to leap into our arms. It hadn't been going well till yesterday when I discovered that if we put one leg forward and bent it a little, she'd be willing to give it a go! 

So, when Ed came home from work we tried to see if she would do it for him, and sure enough, she was game! Here she is taking a flying leap!

She's just a flying ball of fur! I think she likes to be in our arms because she's up high and can see lots of new things. Plus, we give her a lot of cuddles and loving.

Amanda was afraid we'd ignore the dog and she'd forget all her tricks while she (Amanda, not Coda) is on her mission. This would be sad, as Amanda went to a lot of work to teach Coda quite a few tricks. We're practicing the old ones regularly, and intend to have a few new tricks to show Amanda in the summer of 2012. JUMP is one that we're pretty proud of!


  1. Pretty darn impressive. Paul and I talked to Petsmart about enrolling Brandy in obedience training last Saturday. While I think Brandy is trainable, I am not sure Paul(or I) have the discipline it takes.