Friday, March 25, 2011

The Worth of Souls

We had a Relief Society dinner and activity last night. Kaylene was in charge of the food (taco salad). She made 50 taco bowls!

The Committee was so efficient that we had time to sit around while we waited for the party to begin. I was in charge of the table decorations. We had pictures of shoes (many of them by Van Gogh) and as well vases with daisies.

Ed was nice and volunteered for the nursery. He gave a lesson, drew pictures on the whiteboard and sang a lot of songs. Here he is singing Bingo was a Dog! Bishop Sheppard brought the treats and hid kids in the closet which seemed to really entertain them! Ed had fun the first hour, but seemed to be ready for the ladies to wrap things up long before we actually did!


  1. How nice that the guys pitched in with the kids.

  2. Ed looks like he is enjoying himself:)

  3. We are all so dang cute, AND productive!

  4. So, I guess Ed is not going to push for a Sunday calling in the Nursery! But maybe he can substitute every so often...