Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Molly and Coda

It has been months since I took Coda for a walk, so she (and I) were pretty excited to walk down the road yesterday. It was a beautiful day, and on the way home the pugs came out to greet us at the farm gate. I let Coda go for a run with them, and ended up going back to see Miss Carol. From there the adventure began. Miss Carol was going out in her golf cart to make a few deliveries in the neighborhood. So, Coda and I went along for the ride. Coda met Linda's toy poodle penny, and then Ronny's chocolate lab, Molly. She and Molly had a great time playing in the back yard. It was hard getting them to hold still long enough to take this picture. It was a really great afternoon. I'm only sad I didn't have a picture of me, Coda and Miss Carol toodling down the street in the golf cart. It was a sight to remember!

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  1. Maybe next time you will be able to get a picture of Coda and the golf cart. Coda and Molly sure seem to be enjoying themselves. We have been enjoying sixty degree weather for the last week or so, anyway thats the way I remember it.