Sunday, March 27, 2011

Car and Coda

Ed and John worked on the Pinewood Derby car again yesterday. It weighed in at 4.8 ounces.

Celeste came along for the fun of it, and enjoyed getting out into nature and helping me pick up more rocks for my stream bed. Isaiah couldn't really get into the spirit of rock collecting two weeks in a row.

Coda chased some deer into the forest and we lost her for about 45 minutes. She was walking with Ed and John, when 7 deer jumped across the street. She strained so hard at her leash that she broke it!

Fortunately, some nice neighbors found her when she tired out, and they called us. We were glad to get her back. We've gotten pretty attached to her.

The car turned out great, and is ready for the big race on Tuesday!


  1. The car looks real nice. Glad you have nice neighbors and that you got Coda back. Can't tell you how many leashes Brandy broke when she was young. Now I open the car door and she heads directly to the front door and goes into a point stance.

  2. Seeing Ed work on that car with John warmed my heart. That type of service is close to my heart and has great meaning to me. So glad you got Coda back :-)

    Good luck at the race!