Monday, March 21, 2011

Skyping with Lissy

I Skyped Lissy this afternoon. Ed calls her my Skype pen-pal. She is my German friend that I met through my friend Coreen, who is living in Germany. Lissy is so patient with me and speaks German to me very slowly so I can understand her well. She is fluent in English, so she can translate words that I haven't learned (or just can't remember).
Lissy might not like these fuzzy Skype pictures, but I think she looks great even with blurry edges. You can see the enthusiasm in her face, can't you?

Last time I had a German tutor, I chose a name from a list of German teachers at the University of Colorado. The teacher's name was Jan. When we met in person, I was surprised to find out Jan was a boy. I hadn't accounted for the fact that Jan is a boy's name in German!

Jan was a good teacher and a very nice boy, but I'm feeling extra lucky to have my new friend Lissy. When we finish talking about ourselves, our husbands and our daughters we can move on and talk about Coreen and her family. There is plenty of fodder for conversation!


  1. Well, if you start talking about us, you must be hurting for conversation! Lissy does look great!!!

  2. And you want to know why I am not anxious to use skyp? Need I say more? I went to my 1st decorative painting meeting last night. I am going to blog about it.